Vida de María Sabina, la sabia de los hongos

Vida de María Sabina, la sabia de los hongos - Alvaro Flores Estrada - Siglo XXI Editores
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The night of 29 to 30 June 1959, when R. Gordon Wasson first attended an "evening" sung by Maria Sabina in Huautla de Jiménez and his invitation swallowed the divine mushrooms, stunned. Here a church service and then she told later- months must be presented to the world in a dignified manner, without sensationalism, without abaratarlo or gross return, but with simplicity and accuracy. Alvaro Estrada, Huautla, the Mazatec language, heard from the lips of María Sabina's account of his life. In his book, the result of a series of interviews conducted periodically during the months following September 1975 and culminated in August 1976, the author tells how was the life of this "wise" of their ancestors and his difficult childhood, her two husbands who left, of how he met fungi and is revealed in a dramatic like Saul on the road to Damascus event. In the story of her life, Maria Sabina more

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Book: Vida de María Sabina, la sabia de los hongos

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