Visión periférica

Marginalidad y colonialidad en las crónicas de América Latina (siglos XVI-XVII y XX-XXI)

Visión periférica - Kim Beauchesne - Ibero Vervuert
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Ibero Vervuert
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Product of a deep investigation in specialized archives, peripheral vision challenges the frontiers-linguistic, geographical and temporal-to propose a study of the colonial and contemporary chronicles about the marginal regions of Latin America. In the first instance, the innovative book by Kim Beauchesne focuses on the representation of the colonial periphery, that is, the set of areas that were neglected by the metropolis, such as the Amazon, the Gran Chaco and the Maranhão. Also, the works addressed have been marginalized by literary criticism and removed from the canon. Later, the author examines in detail the traces left by these works in the current Latin American chronicle in order to highlight the links that exist between the discursive construction of the peripheral areas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the forms that it adopts in the XX and XXI centuries. more


Book: Visión periférica

ISBN: 9788484897446