¿Vivir como buenos huérfanos?

Ensayos sobre el sentido de la vida en el Siglo de la Gran Prueba

¿Vivir como buenos huérfanos? - Jorge Riechmann - Catarata
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In this third volume, with which Jorge Riechmann concludes his Trilogy of Self-Construction (preceded by Socialism can come only by bicycle and Self-Construction), the philosopher addresses the question by the meaning of life and the possibilities of self-realization of good life, issues that require rethinking the risks of regression and ecological and social collapse that threaten the present and future of our societies , in what he has called the Century of the Great Trial. The continuity of our world, Riechmann argues, is precisely that trust that we cannot take for granted today. Faced with the aspirations of absolute, transcendence and onmipotence with which human beings have sought to fill and redeem the meaning of their existence, in the face of those forms of "civil religion" of our time, based on the values of growth and consumerism and on the illusions of a technoscientific...read more




Book: ¿Vivir como buenos huérfanos?

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