Vocabulario de terapia familiar

Vocabulario de terapia familiar -  AA.VV. - Editorial Gedisa
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The way of conceptualizing and structuring this vocabulary obeys the criteria of the systemic theory by which family therapy is oriented. The result is unprecedented and, perhaps, unique. It is not a dictionary in the ordinary sense of a succession of definitions. The selection and analysis of the terms are explicitly governed by the circular and feed back principles of the systemic cognitive model, so that new and specific topics of family therapy are intertwined with each other and with all the philosophical and psychodynamic heritage in which are rooted.
Taking the key terms of family therapy as guidelines, this vocabulary explains in detail its conceptual origin, its modifications and variants that have arisen in relation to new clinical experiences and theoretical perspectives, which have marked the evolution of the various European and American schools.
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Book: Vocabulario de terapia familiar

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