Y qué amor no cambia

Y qué amor no cambia - Giorgio Todde - Siruela
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The line of a poem –And what love does not change– has obsessively reverberated in Efisio Marini's head since the day that Commander Alceste Tramontano, a "man of honor" feared and revered in Naples, showed him the diary of the young Restitùta Serràle . This, apparently dead of anger, served as a maid in a noble house, and even knew how to write, but in her simple relationships of daily life something disturbing is captured, the shadow of a mystery and, at the same time, the trace of a passion. And also, between the pages, those rhymes with another letter ... Whose will they be? And why does Tramontano summon Marini, a famous embalming doctor, to ask him to investigate Restitùta's death? Why so much interest in a maid? A series of crimes give the impression of being linked to that verse that raises a question to which he does not know how to answer yet ...


Book: Y qué amor no cambia

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