Zona de obras

Zona de obras - Leila Guerriero - Anagrama
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Why, for what and how does a journalist write; what his vocation is made of and what gives him meaning in these times? Works area brings together columns, conferences and essays that the Argentine Leila Guerriero wrought around these questions and which, published in various media or read in literary meetings in Latin America and Spain, are collected for the first time in a book. The result is a mural in which each piece points to the heart of the office, illuminates it and, at the same time, questions it: how and when the drive to write is born; how it feeds; Why is it worth bringing a journalistic text to its maximum expressive potential? This is a book on writing nonfiction but also on the cinema, comics, plastic arts, childhood, Madame Bovary, Africa, parents and readings, and breathes, in each of its pages, the conviction that journalism is not a minor genre but a literary genre ...read more


Book: Zona de obras

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