Zona hermano

Una clínica del desplazamiento

Zona hermano - Patricia Janody - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte
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Tapa Blanda

“To have this presumption: to write something about my brother is already, however little it may be, to diminish that discourse that is at once frenetic and vulgarized - stupid and effective -, bureaucratic and devastating, which multiplies in a wild and shameless way. To ask questions about my brother, about who he was, he who left so few traces in life, is to diminish that discourse that reduces each madman to his diagnostic label. ”

Hamidu and Hawa request the psychiatrist, Patricia Janody, their intervention in relation to the brother confined in the family home in Mauritania. This kind of journal in which he embarks, and the journey he undertakes with them, resonate his professional experience and personal history.

A writing is invented here that tightly mixes the intimate and the theory, the near and the distant, the chronicle and the clinical notes, and that raise...read more

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Book: Zona hermano

ISBN: 9786077694328