Zoomorfias - Leonardo da Jandra - Almadía
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The stories that Zoomorfías keeps have the proportions of the myths, but they are firmly rooted in the deepest part of the human fabric, intermingling interchangeably the oral legend with the most earthly face of everyday reality. Wild animals, birds of prey, insects, prey and predators that, when mutating in literary matters, acquire human qualities. Based on a language that overflows by its own strength, the stories in this book are a constellation at ground level of the places where beasts hunt and that we rarely dare to look at for fear of seeing ourselves reflected. From these anti-fables what is extracted is not a moral, but a hard lesson in life that ends up giving us insightful clues about ourselves. Illustrated by the plastic artist Guillermo Olguín to establish an intertextual dialogue with the author, in Leonardo da Jandra's new book we find the vital verve of a narrator as...read more


Book: Zoomorfias

ISBN: 9786074110197
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