A Texas-Mexican Cancionero - Americo Paredes

Folksongs of the Lower Border

A Texas-Mexican Cancionero - Americo Paredes -  AA.VV. - Otras editoriales
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Editorial: University of Illinois Press

Autor: Americo Paredes

Año: 1976

Estado: Usado, buenas condiciones

Sinopsis: Smugglers, gringos, jailbirds, generals, folk heroes, as well as fat goats and ewes and beautiful women all animate the folk-songs of America's Texas-Mexican population. In this cancionero or songbook of the Lower Rio Grande Border country Américo Paredes presents sixty-six of these colorful songs, along with music and notes on tempo and manner of performing, as he shows how the songs reflect the heritage of his people -from the days when the first adventurous souls journeyed out into Chichimecaland, reached the Rio Grande, drank of its waters, an settled on its banks , untill the arrival of the pale-eyed strangers from the North, when the river became a barrier between one people. To reveal the meaning the songs have held for the generations...leer más

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Libro: A Texas-Mexican Cancionero - Americo Paredes

ISBN: 252005228