The Legend of Charlie Parker

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More than to any other musician, the credit for the birth of modern jazz belongs to Charles "Yardbird" Parker -known to his friends and fans simply as "Bird". Parker's virtuoso technique, melodic genius, and inspiredimprovisations helped launc a whole new era in jazz, an era that began with bop and culminated in the "cool" or modern jazz of the fifties. His brilliant handling of the alto saxophone inspired a generation of jazz musicians; without him, there would have been no John Coltrane , no Ornette Coleman, no jazz as we know it today. Parker died in 1955 at the age of thirty-five. He left behind a rich legacy of musical innovation and a legend of self-destructive dissipation that made him a votive hero of the hipsters and the beat generation. For this first full-length reminiscen...leer más

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Libro: Bird

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