Music Criticisms

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The professional music critic, as distinct from the composer-author or the literary amateur, was not in a position to be 'useful' until the nineteenth century. Only then, with the rise of family newspapers and family concert-going, could his influence shift from aesthetics to "Realpolitik". Eduard Hanslick may be called the first fully professional critic: thos who followed (in England such men as J. W. Davidson, Bernard Shaw, W. J. Turner, and Ernest Newman) owe to him mucho of their status, despite their own widely differing views. Hanslick is remembered today largely as the original of Wagner's pedantic villain in "The Mastersingers". In fact his opinions were shaped by the question: 'What content can music have?' - which is as relevant for our own age of atonality and serial mu...leer más



Libro: Music Criticisms

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