Oboe - Leon Goossens, Edwin Roxburgh

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Editorial: Schirmer Books

Autor: Leon Goossens, Edwin Roxburgh

Año: 1977

Estado: Antiguo. Buen estado.

This book combines the talents and insights of the legendary virtuoso
Leon Goossens and the contemporary composer/oboist Edwin
Roxburgh, who bring to their discussion a rare completeness born of
long experience, analytical objectivity, and emotional attachment
that is unique for a work of this kind. They explore the long history of
this most ancient of the reed instruments and assess its cultural
heritage; examine the relative roles of composer and performer in
extending the oboe's expressive and technical range through time;
explain in detail the art of reed-making and the requirements of
proper maintenance; and deal with virtually every practical problem
of technique and interpretation. There ar...leer más

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Libro: Oboe - Leon Goossens, Edwin Roxburgh

ISBN: 28714601