Darwin y el fundamentalismo

Darwin y el fundamentalismo - Merryl Wyn Davies - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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The Origin of Species Darwin is definitely one of the most important works in the scientific pantheon. But can we consider his theory of evolution as a scientific fact confirmed? Contrary to myth, the famous monkeys 1925 trials failed to confirm the truth of science and falsehood of creationism. The literal readings of the Bible have led to a "creation science" and the fundamentalists require an education based on facts should teach both the theory of evolution and creationism. Should we ignore the creation science as an irrelevant myth? Does the same evolution in new 'fundamentalist' theology and a useful ploy to police orthodoxy in science became? Are religious fanaticism comparable with the scientist? Does bad religion are equalized with bad science? Darwin and fundamentalism shows that there are very important issues that hide behind the big simplistic headlines. What can reasonab...read more


Book: Darwin y el fundamentalismo

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