Dear author, translator, editor, our house, Editorial Herder Mexico, is looking for works in Spanish of the relevant materials to the social sciences and humanities. Therefore, with great interest and appreciation we receive your work. But first we would like to ask you a few recommendations.

When an author looking for a house for his work, the author must first know the house. Therefore, in the first instance, we would say that authors who are looking Herder Herder readers .

Then understand that we publish the agenda covers the various branches of the social sciences and humanities: psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, theology, religions, languages, etc..

The work you submit, as well as belonging to one of the topics above, must be unpublished and not be legally committed to any other publisher.

Please also note the following characteristics of your file:

  • Send the print and on CD in PDF format to the e-Publisher and Bookseller Herder Mexico. Be sure to include your personal and contact data.
  • Both the printed and electronic version should be final.
  • The pages of the document should not exceed 30 lines, size and each letter will be foliated.

Given the amount of work we receive, we can not always offer an immediate response, so we ask patience. It is also important to note that the manuscripts not accepted and can not return them will be destroyed.

¡Thank you!