Agenda para la cuestión animal

Libertad, compasión y coexistencia en la Era Humana

Agenda para la cuestión animal -  AA.VV. - Akal
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Every day we learn new and surprising things about the intelligence and emotional capacity of animals, something that we often overlook too often. And so we find that rats play and laugh - and therefore show empathy - or that we can know what cows feel if we pay attention to their ears and nose. Sometimes we humans transform this kind of knowledge into compassion for other animals, as we have seen recently in the cases of the Cecil lion or the Harambe gorilla. But, as a whole, the growing understanding of what animals feel is not resulting in us treating them with greater respect.

A renowned animal behavior expert such as Marc Bekoff and a leading professional in the field of bioethics such as Jessica Pierce explore the real world of what five categories of animals experience, starting with those who suffer the greatest degrees of lack of freedom and choice - gallinas, pigs or more


Book: Agenda para la cuestión animal

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