Fabricando bebés

¿Existe un derecho a tener hijos?

Fabricando bebés - Mary Warnock - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Is there something like a universal right to have children? Medical assistance to procreation should be available to everyone? Are they legitimate all methods of assisted reproduction? How should control these treatments and who should do it?  Many individuals and groups require access to assisted reproduction as a right, not only clinically infertile heterosexual couples, but also single women, gay couples, women who are past menopause or couples who prioritize their career and want delay childbearing. Others believe that the desire to have children can not become a right and that there are certain people who should not be attending to become parents because of their age, sexual preference or lifestyle.  Mary Warnock guide us through the complex issues that form the background of these views. In his analysis clarifies which means demand something as a right and carefully examines the...read more


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Book: Fabricando bebés

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