Lecciones del cuerpo

Ensayo crítico sobre las nuevas terapias corporales

Lecciones del cuerpo - Roger Gentis - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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A Freudian psychoanalyst lends one day, curiosity, inspiration Reichian therapy. The experience certainly opens new horizons, many unsuspected; Since then, the practice continues to sucitarle new questions, for to put to new problems.This book is thus an attempt theoretical clarification. I wrote it in order to see more clearly what I do.Lowen, Janov (and Perls, although not discussed in this text) are important authors. His work has profoundly revolutionized the therapy so Freudians do very bad to dispense with the reading of his works.But nothing accept the verbatim formulations and, much less, to support their practices. My research has led me to develop a critical uncompromising these authors, sometimes critical theory-which will not surprise anyone-out of the strictly psychoanalytic frameworks. To do this because I have to go back to the source and criticize that it was inspiring...read more




Book: Lecciones del cuerpo

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