¿Para qué educar? 

Esbozo de una educación sistémica en un mundo cambiado

¿Para qué educar?  - Wilhelm  Rotthaus - Herder
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This work constitutes the first attempt to observe the process of education from a systemic point of view and apply the ecosystem approach to educational practice. The book examines the phenomenon of educational uncertainty, so widespread today. From a historical conception of childhood, Wilhelm Rotthaus shows that education is essential, but must be based on a different relationship between children and adults. From the systemic perspective of the various dimensions of the educational process Rotthaus bases its demand for a new position and a new attitude toward the child. This book shows that educational objectives and systems thinking suggests why we need a shift in this field. This booklet written in a fluid is very useful and enjoyable. Here's everything you need to know who do not want to escape with tricks and folds of the responsibilities of their own educational relationship....read more


Book: ¿Para qué educar? 

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