Cristóbal Holzapfel

Cristóbal Holzapfel

Christopher Holzapfel Ossa (Valdivia, March 22, 1953) is a Chilean philosopher.

Biography [edit]
Son of Cecilia and Joaquin Holzapfel Ossa, who was mayor and then governor of Valdivia.

He studied at the German Institute Anwandter Carlos Valdivia. He joined in 1970 to study philosophy at the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia. His teachers at that time were particularly Miles Jorge Luis Oyarzun, Manuel Atria, Juan de Dios Larrain Vial.

In 1974 he continued with a degree in Philosophy in Santiago, at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Chile. His teachers were there Héctor Carvallo, Juan Rivano, Joaquin Barcelo, Jorge Acevedo, Pablo Oyarzun. His dissertation was on "The one (das Man): an original discovery of Martin Heidegger."

In 1982 he began his Ph.D. at the University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany. His teachers were beyond Friedrich Wilhelm von Herrmann, Ute Guzzoni, Rainer Marten, Werner Marx, Wolfgang Wieland, Klaus Jacobi. He earned his doctorate in Philosophy, with mentions in Philosophy, Romance Languages ​​and German Studies in 1987. His doctoral thesis was entitled "Die Gewissensauffassung vor dem Hintergrund von Heidegger traditioneller Gewissenskonzeptionen" ("Heidegger's conception of consciousness on the merits of traditional conceptions it "), and was published by Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In 1987 he returned to the University of Chile where he has taught since 1981 and professor since 2001.

He currently teaches at the University of Chile and the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences.