Antonio López Llausàs, Catalan publisher, founded Editora y Distribuidora Hispanoamericana S.A from his exile in Argentina in December 1946, after having previously participated in the creation and management of Editorial Sudamericana in Buenos Aires.
EDHASA, the acronym with which everyone knows us, turns 70 in 2016, and throughout our history we have been characterized by the quality of our editions, most of them in hardcover, and the care and care of our translations and texts .
Curiously, in the same year 1946 when EDHASA was born in Barcelona, ​​Amparo Soler Gimeno, daughter of printers (Typographic and Graphic Arts Soler) founded another publishing house in Madrid: Castalia. With the collaboration of Don Antonio Rodríguez Moñino, professor at the University of Berkeley, he conceived what would be the most honored collection by Spanish philology to date: Clásico more