Cómplices Editorial

In Cómplices Editorial us first of all readers, is what we like, read.

Occasionally we read things that are not published in Castilian or Catalan and then we want to know dároslas. We read books that are like blows to the skull and read books that accompany us discreetly. We caught the books full of life that challenge us and transform us, we attract authors who still play the traditional way with words that get in the course of this game create parallel worlds full of meaning.

We know that you are attentive, demanding, passionate, curious and that is why we suggest you open the drawer of the twentieth century literature and start looking for hidden, well-kept secrets and loves forgotten treasures readers. Publish mainly narrative but we also allow other genres and formats. We wish we acompañarais on this trip full of very personal and irreplaceable voices.