24 Ideas para una psicoterapia breve (NE)

24 Ideas para una psicoterapia breve (NE) - Mark  Beyebach - Herder
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2nd edition, revised and updated This book presents and discusses a number of therapeutic practices that can contribute to shortening psychotherapy and even, in general, shortening any psychosocial intervention. It pretends to be, in a certain sense, a kind of Hopscotch, Cortázar's brilliant novel, because it can be read without following an established order, depending on the reader's interest. Each chapter is autonomous and offers techniques that can be used independently. This structure responds to the conviction that all of the procedures described, despite belonging to the tradition of brief systemic therapy, are perfectly extrapolable to the work of therapists of other orientations and models. However, it can also be read traditionally, as a true brief systemic therapy manual, and more specifically short integrative therapy, with a fundamental component focused on solutions. The...read more


Book: 24 Ideas para una psicoterapia breve (NE)

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