A zaga de tu huella"

La enseñanza de las lenguas semíticas en Salamanca en tiempos de san Juan de la Cruz

A zaga de tu huella" - Luce López Baralt - Trotta
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This book tries to throw light on what until now has been a 'terra incognita' in the studies on Juan de la Cruz: the possible impact that the courses of Semitic languages ​​of Salamanca could have had on the work of the poet. Thanks to the "Chair Visiting Books" of the University's Manuscript Room, we now know that the teacher Martín Martínez de Cantalapiedra included in his course not only the Hebrew and the Chaldean, but the Arabic, which he taught with the manual of the 'Yurrumiyya'. The cantapetrense taught his language class precisely during the cuaatrenio (1564-1568) in which the poet, under the name of fray Juan de Santo Matía, studied at the illustrious University. The Semitic languages, with their characteristic plurisemia and their free proclivity to verbal delirium, were the axis of controversies so lit in Salamanca that it is impossible to think that they did not reach the...read more


Book: A zaga de tu huella"

ISBN: 8481648280