Abrazar la inabrazable

Vivir de todo corazón en un mundo descorazonador

Abrazar la inabrazable - Pema Chödrön - Kairós
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Tapa Blanda

In her first book of spiritual teachings in many years, which can be considered her complete spiritual legacy, Pema Ch'dr.n brings us fresh wisdom, sincere reflections, and the humor and insight that have made her a much-loved and respected teacher in these turbulent times. In an increasingly polarized world, Pema offers us tools to find common ground (even when we disagree), so that we can build a stronger and broader sense of community. Sharing never-before-counted stories of his personal life, simple everyday practices and advice of enormous power and relevance, Pema shows us the way to become compassionate beings or bodisatvas, even in the most difficult circumstances.
1. One of the most relevant Buddhist teachers of the moment. 2. A call to compassion and to love the world.3. Author of the bestseller When everything collapses. 4. Your online Buddhism courses are followed by...read more



Book: Abrazar la inabrazable

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