Hartos de corrupción

Hartos de corrupción -  AA.VV. - Herder
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Tired of so many cases of corruption; tired of the abuse of power; fed up with the enrichment of a few at the expense of the rest; -impotentes- sad to see how all this erodes the moral health of our democracy.

Fed collects 10 voice thinkers of our time who wanted to express their thoughts to make this book possible. The initiative for this project is the result of a key moment in the outrage has given way to weariness and anger. Because, after years of crisis, not only economic, we find that corruption is still practiced with arrogance and unscrupulous.

It is our duty to appeal to human dignity and ask: What is going on? Where does the corruption come from? What has to do with each of us in our daily lives? What can we do about it?

The contemporary writings are complemented by a selection of 11 philosophical reference texts also seek answers to these questions. Be...read more

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Book: Hartos de corrupción

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