Acerca de la libertad

Acerca de la libertad - Günther Anders - Pre-Textos
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This volume is made up two trials that the German Jewish philosopher Günther Anders (1902-1992) wrote during his exile in France. Based on a paper read at the Kant-Gesellschaft in Frankfurt in 1929 (with figures such as Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Hanna Arendt, Paul Tillich and Karl Mannheim, among others), which was lost during the emigration to France and was rewritten and published in French under the name of philosopher, Günther Stern. The importance of these tests is that, besides having influenced Sartre, are the first anthropological reflection of Anders, essential to understand the basic thesis on the "strange man in the world". With them, Anders the basis of their "negative ontology" of the human being to mark all his later thinking. Both were published by the author in Recherches Philosophiques, Paris. The reader has in his hands the first Spanish version of both texts. more

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Book: Acerca de la libertad

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