Acerca del hombre en Viktor Frankl 

Acerca del hombre en Viktor Frankl  - Benigno  Freire - Herder
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Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) was without famed Viennese Relevant and Psychiatrist, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology. His main contribution to the work of the Genuine United Nations Model is a physician and a technique of psychotherapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy A Start of the spiritual dimension of man and what it's strength of spirit to the benefit of its therapeutic action. Logotherapy, like all psychotherapy, Accurate supported by previous anthropological conception A, in A metaclínica. That means metaclínica Yes Physician's Guidance, above the strictly clinical ACTO, seeks an understanding and vision of the whole man and the whole man. "No sin psychotherapy yuna An image of man worldview" (Frankl). Shares in the psychotherapeutic praxis necessarily permeate itself, implicitly or explicitly, the image of man and the world view upheld by the Psychiatrist, and the more


Book: Acerca del hombre en Viktor Frankl 

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