Actitud, manual para artistas emergentes

Actitud, manual para artistas emergentes - Martín Sastre - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Rústica con solapas

Attitude is what brought him to Chile. The concept titled his instructive Attitude: A Manual for emerging artists and define your personality. ? An artist is someone who produces things that people do not need to have but that he, for some reason, thinks it would be good idea to give them ?, said Andy Warhol in life and Martin always l Lamo American wide attention. Attracted by its concept, subconsciously he took this idea and landed in Chile to share through a chat with the contestants of the event, a meeting that addressed the integration of Latin American artists in the art field. ? It is a kind of self-help manual and, taking that format, writing ten steps that explain how an emerging artist can take off ?, describes the essence of the talk and text. ? There really is a method; is not something you can teach at the university, there you get tools ?. The public liked it, thousands more


Book: Actitud, manual para artistas emergentes

ISBN: 9789568415716