Adolescentes violentos

Con los otros, con ellos mismos

Adolescentes violentos - Elisa Balbi - Herder
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An indispensable book for all who are in contact with the world of youth: parents, teachers, educators and psychotherapists.

The office of youth is to reject the world and culture of adults. Modern family therapy teaches us not to interpret the violence as absurd and evil in itself: anger and aggressiveness are vehicles that teenagers try to communicate with us, to tell us something. What upset behind these behaviors and when it becomes pathology? Is there a way to successfully meet exploding adolescent violence against others or against himself, both in the family and at school? How strong is the multicultural malaise in children of immigrant families?

This book explains how strategic brief therapy can be effective in treating these problems. The authors are not limited to an aggregate theoretical treatment of the subject, but offer the reader a privileged more


Book: Adolescentes violentos

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