Adonde nos lleve el logos

Para leer la República de Platón

Adonde nos lleve el logos - Álvaro Vallejo Campos - Trotta
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"Where the logos take us" is a phrase by Socrates in the Republic: it is an exhortation to be carried away by philosophical arguments what may be the consequence that follows. The Republic is, in this sense, an inaugural work of utopian thought, of dimensions not only political but epistemological and metaphysical. It may seem strange in a dialogue whose main theme is the theory of justice that Plato has expressed here not only his political conceptions but many other doctrines, such as his psychology, the theory of forms or his idea of dialectics. In the author's view, there is an "ontology of power" that underlies this way of thinking whose most distinctive sign is to challenge the legitimacy of the existing order and to build a normative political theory based on the yearning for a better world.
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Book: Adonde nos lleve el logos

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