Adopción y vínculo familiar

Crianza, escolaridad y adolescencia en la adopción internacional

Adopción y vínculo familiar - Vinyet Mirabent - Herder
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Despite the economic crisis, the number of international adoptions has grown exponentially over the past few years. This is a real phenomenon born of desire to be parents of a healthy motivation, but in turn is a challenge full of uncertainty that requires some preparation and careful. This new social reality has generated an increase in inquiries from adoptive parents and has led the authors to prepare this text based on their experience in international adoption and the various aspects of their work. It reflects the vision of a team-Vidal i Barraquer Foundation ICIF-consisting of psychologists, educational psychologists and social workers, whose aim is to contribute to the proper development of children in the family and at school.

Vinyet Mirabent and Elena Ricart are compilers of this obra.Los authors are adoptions of Team Foundation Vidal i Barraquer ICIF: Josep Maria more


Book: Adopción y vínculo familiar

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