Adorno,Theodor W.: Una filosofía de la memoria

Adorno,Theodor W.: Una filosofía de la memoria - Marta  Tafalla - Herder
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Marta Tafalla's book proposes an original reading of Adorno's philosophy. Some of the more recent studies of his work, and the posthumous edition that is currently underway of the courses taught at the University of Frankfurt on his return from exile, have dispelled some misunderstandings that have tarnished its reception and shown to how much the center of gravity of Adorno's thinking is his concept of memory, which the philosopher anamnetic forged rationality capable of overcoming the crisis experienced by the reason for totalitarianism. From these materials, Tafalla read Adorno's philosophy as a philosophy of memory, which helps explain the keys to his theory of knowledge, its social and cultural criticism, moral philosophy (which scholars for years denied that there ), his critique of the philosophy of history, and some central aspects of his aesthetic theory. Tafalla The clarity more


Book: Adorno,Theodor W.: Una filosofía de la memoria

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