¿Un nuevo y peligroso tabú?

Agresión - Jesper  Juul - Herder
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How to understand and deal with aggression in the family and educational environment?

The aggressiveness has become a new taboo, as before sexuality: or not addressed, or are faced with moral prejudices. It is also a dangerous taboo, because it brings into play the emotional health of children, self-esteem and confidence.

In our society there is a tendency to reject any expression of intense emotion than "happiness". The same idea encourages parents to move away from their humanity and become mere actors to maintain its image of good and successful people, even hiding his own aggressiveness.

Often children and youth with aggressive behaviors are labeled as "problem children", when in fact only need to express what they feel. According to Jesper Juul, we must understand these behaviors as manifestations of anger and frustration inside, and help these children to more


Book: Agresión

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