Agricultura Orgánica

Agricultura Orgánica -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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In this book step by step chronicles the efforts of a group of teachers and researchers of the University of the Caribbean, workers of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, members of the Mexican Network of Organic Markets Tianguis and organic producers and Mayan communities the north of Quintana Roo who gave life to Tianguis del Mayab, an endless project that local development is a path that allows us to appreciate the importance of a harmonious relationship between urban and rural, and among those local factors that frame economic, administrative and cultural policy of each actor. The authors attempt to point out the importance of sustainable utilization tion of natural resources, environmental protection, promotion of food security and health maintenance betting organic ra to agriculture as a generator of rural incomes.


Book: Agricultura Orgánica

ISBN: 9786077957775