Al otro lado del muro

La RDA en sus escritores

Al otro lado del muro -  AA.VV. - Errata Naturae
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Errata Naturae
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Tapa Blanda

This anthology fundamental to know the former German Democratic Republic in the work of some of its most important writers book. Probably never in recent history, and in any country, has enjoyed literature such a prominent role, not only by the priority which gave the government and the facilities that it entailed (generous scholarships and awards, funded publishing market, thrown wide and reduced prices, privileges to access housing or a visa), but the relevance attached to it by readers themselves. In a country without free press or debate beyond the limits set by the Party, contemporary literature was almost the only public space where I could take some contrasting opinions on current issues; other private discussion forums, millions of well-educated citizens applied to scrutinize allusions between the lines and developed a literary sensibility that would have been unthinkable in more



Book: Al otro lado del muro

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