Y la fundación de la filosofía política islámica

Alfarabi - Muhsin S.  Mahdi - Herder
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This book about the founder of Islamic political philosophy represents the culmination of four decades of careful research and allows Alfarabi behold as they should have seen him more than his contemporaries and his immediate followers, that is, as a philosopher who tried to lay the groundwork for a new understanding of religion and Greek political philosophy. This new vision of the philosopher contributes to Muhsin S. Mahdi has managed to uncover Alfarabi texts so far known only through references to medieval times. The book is, beyond the academic exegesis, political engagement with the thought of al-Farabi, and is essential reading for anyone interested in medieval political philosophy. After an overview of Islamic philosophy and a discussion of its historical background, Mahdi offers the reader an introduction to the debate between philosophy, political thought, theology and more


Book: Alfarabi

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