Alfonso María de Ligorio

Maestro de la oración y de la misericordia

Alfonso María de Ligorio - Martin Leitgöb - Herder
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In these moments in which the Church is living a time of new evangelization, Pope Francis invites us to rediscover the greatness of God's mercy and proposes to assume it as our own way of life. Alfonso María de Ligorio was one of the personalities of the Church who has dealt with exemplarily the theme of mercy, since not only has he taught and preached it, but above all he has lived and interpreted it with his life. Since he himself felt himself the object of the superabundant gift of God's mercy, he became a missionary of mercy and, according to the model of Jesus, helped many people interiorly wounded either with words and actions of kindness, or with a glance of benevolence or attentive listening. He lived as the good shepherd of the gospel, who leaves the ninety-nine sheep to look for the one that has been lost or lost. For this reason, this book describes Alfonso María de more



Book: Alfonso María de Ligorio

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