Amor y orgasmo

Amor y orgasmo - Alexander Lowen - Kairós
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This book deals with the nature and function of orgasm. Sexual behavior cannot be separated from the personality of the individual, therefore it cannot be modified without corresponding changes in her personality. Complete sexual satisfaction is not achieved, according to Lowen, through the use of certain sexual techniques, so fashionable today, but is the result of a way of life: the experience of a mature personality. The sexually mature person lives and respects her body and her feelings. This self-acceptance will enable her to love and respect her partner and all living things. It is what the author calls "an open heart." The person who has a "closed heart" is afraid to love. It may be the case of a sexually sophisticated individual who seems to have freed himself from all sexual taboos, and who, however, his principles do not guarantee the achievement of a full sexual life. more


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Book: Amor y orgasmo

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