Anti-Nietzsche la cureldad de lo político

La crueldad de lo político

Anti-Nietzsche la cureldad de lo político - Jorge Polo Blanco - Taugenit
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"If the working classes can understand that through formation and virtue they can today easily overcome us, then it will be our end." There would be many people, with or without philosophical formation, who would never attribute such words to Friedrich Nietzsche. What gigantic misunderstanding has been cast around the figure of this brilliant poet-philosopher? The readings of the Nietzschean work today hegemonic insist, first, on the image of an apolitical Nietzsche; the political would occupy, in its "system" of thought, an insignificant and secondary place. Secondly, we wanted to be convinced of something truly unusual: the political elements present in his work, so scarce, would be compatible with discourses and practices of emancipatory orientation. This essay closely combats both thesis, so consolidated and accepted. Because in Nietzsche there is a perfectly delimited political more


Book: Anti-Nietzsche la cureldad de lo político

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