Ética general 

Curso Fundamental de Filosofía

Ética general  - Friedo  Ricken - Herder
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Man's life is a succession of decisions. Therefore it is inevitable that the man ask for the right to decide and the right action. The ethics founded want to respond at the same time get a proven method of substantiation. Often moral valuations are attributed to the decisions or positions that are ultimately irrational or subjects. Normative ethics, which discusses some content requirements, needs for this reason a meta-ethical base. This shows that moral standards also require substantiation. The criterion of right action is the autofinalidad of the human person. She demands that have to do to answer the front of all those affected. The supreme law of the content of what is freedom can be answered by the person concerned. This freedom is a right inalienbale every man as a person.


Book: Ética general 

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