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Me cayó el veinte
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The occupation of France during the Second World War gives Jean Anouilh (Bordeaux, 1910-Lausanne, 1987) the opportunity to record his reading of Sophocles' Antigone. And although Antigone continues to be the central character of the play, the brutality of the times in which she lives allows Anouilh to also place Creon at the bottom of the tragedy, who embodies the absolute - and cynical - power against which no one should, even dare to oppose. For this he is accompanied by the usual minions: his personal guard.

Anouilh's claim does not lose any value in the face of this displacement: it only highlights that, despite how terrifying such an accumulation of power can be, foolish on the other hand, there will always be someone: a girl, almost a girl, who is capable of opposing her not Despite the most terrible consequences.

The piece was written in 1942 and was performed more



Book: Antígona

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