Apóstoles de la razón

La represión política en la educación

Apóstoles de la razón - Margarita Ibáñez Tarín - Catarata
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The dictatorships of Mussolini in Italy, Salazar in Portugal, and Primo de Rivera and Franco in Spain used a wide range of repressive mechanisms to achieve political-social control over teachers, which presents both notable analogies and divergences between the three countries. The new governments - aware of the powerful instrument of socialization and nationalization that education is - did not want to leave in the hands of anti-fascist professors - the "apostles of reason", identified with the enlightened ideology of the 18th century - the formation of future ruling elites. . For Mussolini, Salazar and Franco, secondary education had to have a strategic function of double importance. On the one hand, as a generator of consensus favorable to the stability of their respective regimes and, on the other, as a space for the formation of the ruling classes, related to new political projec...read more


Book: Apóstoles de la razón

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