Aprende a estudiar 

Aprende a estudiar  - Derek  Rowntree - Herder
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This book was written for students of all kinds, in order to help them all. The book, for the most part, is "programmed", ie it is written in a way that the reader continually requires active participation. Two chapters are written in prose "normal" however, and they called for the application of learning in the rest of the book. Is an attempt to introduce some basic techniques of study in a much more rapid than could be achieved by following a special course, and a rather more effective than not be realized by reading a book with a normal style. Its pages introduce to think critically about how to approach a study that a large number of students have been tested and found effective. In addition to introducing basic terminology that could be discussed on study skills with teachers and peers, the book puts in a position to assess the different techniques used and adapted in the case ap...read more


Book: Aprende a estudiar 

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