Aprende japonés fácil

Konnichiwa, Nihongo!

Aprende japonés fácil -  AA.VV. - Quaterni
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Hundreds of words and expressions for day to day in Japan. Simple, comfortable and easy to use, a full color guide is essential to take on your trip to Japan and start communicating in Japanese. It includes hiragana, katakana and kanji.

Have you lived or traveled to Japan? Are you in touch or are you interested in Japanese culture and its singularities? Would not you like to improve your fluency by speaking Japanese? In this book you will find a wide variety of useful phrases for different occasions along with a list of interchangeable words and a glossary, which will allow you to use the phrases as is or adapt them to any conversation depending on the context.

This book, will build a bridge between you and all the people you meet during your stay in Japan, will be useful at any time and anywhere, so take it with you and find the most convenient way to use it.

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Book: Aprende japonés fácil

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