Aprender a decrecer

Educando para la sustentabilidad al fin de la era de la exuberancia

Aprender a decrecer - Luis Tamayo Pérez - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Tapa Blanda

The world is approaching a serious socio-environmental crisis. , A global and man-made crisis. Of the nine planetary boundaries described by the Stockholm Resilience Center, three have been clearly exceeded, others are already very close to the safety limit, and the other three are rapidly approaching it. Meanwhile, the vast majority of humanity, unconscious and entertaining, acts as if nothing happens, putting the vital space of future generations at risk. In this book, the nature of the referred crisis is studied, to which the energetic and financial crisis are added, with the aim of offering viable solution alternatives (the decrease and the cohabitation societies) that allow mitigating their worst effects.

In the worst case, this book aims to explain to the survivors at the end of the exuberance era the reasons that led to the collapse of humanity in the hope that it will h...read more


Book: Aprender a decrecer

ISBN: 9786079608064