Aproximación al Jesús histórico

Aproximación al Jesús histórico - Antonio Piñero - Trotta
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Is it true that Jesus never existed as many claim? And if his historicity is accepted, how do we know what he really said or did? Are there systems or methods to find out what is historical and what is not in what is told about Jesus? What is the value of texts, the Gospels, that have been transmitted to us since ancient times? Or also, how can you get something that comes close to the truth of as much as it has been written about Jesus, especially since the time of the Enlightenment? And finally, why do scholars in general seem to arbitrarily reject passages from the gospels as "false" and accept others as "true"? All these are real questions, formulated to the author directly and personally, that arise spontaneously in anyone who is interested in Jesus. Throughout the book the reader will perceive how using scientifically the methods described in it, and observing the illustrative e...read more


Book: Aproximación al Jesús histórico

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