Arrugas en el tiempo

Arrugas en el tiempo - George Smoot - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Everything we are and everything around us comes from one place and one moment: the Big Bang. Contemporary cosmology, that discipline in which astronomy coexists with quantum physics and general relativity to study the origin and early evolution of the universe, explains the emergence and distribution of celestial bodies and chemical elements. George Smoot and Keay Davidson present in this book an account of the milestones that over the 20th century transformed our understanding of the cosmos; it is also an exciting log of Smoot's own contributions— with balloons ascending into the stratosphere, Bomber aircraft adapted for scientific exploration, severe trips to Antarctica, all seasoned with rivalries between different research groups—to scrutinize in the cosmic background of microwaves, as had never been done before, in search of small irregularities—the "wrinkles in time" of the more



Book: Arrugas en el tiempo

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