Arte y poder

Aproximación a la estética de Nietzsche

Arte y poder - Luis Enrique de Santiago Guervós - Trotta
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Although there are many interpretations that, sometimes with unusual violence, have been made of the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, has not always paid due attention to one of the most important aspects of his work and without which it would lose all the creative tension that is proper to it: the radical reflection on art. Nietzsche is based on the conviction that "art and nothing but art" is not only a "stimulus for life", but also that which can teach to live it and that is possible and bearable. Art would thus be the "fundamental metaphysical activity" of man, the epitome of all his creative faculties, deployed in the face of the "denial of living" and the instances that diminish the meaning of life, expressed in Christianity, Buddhism and, in short, nihilism. This essay, the result of years of work and research, tries to articulate these ideas to offer a new reading of more


Book: Arte y poder

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