Artefactos y márgenes de la filosofía

Instrumentos y convivencias de la era presocrática

Artefactos y márgenes de la filosofía - Joaquín E. Meabe - Editorial Las cuarenta
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Editorial Las cuarenta
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These essays built on the margins of philosophy constitute something like a search in the attic of the culture of certain forgotten things that can help us in a new stage that we still do not know very well where it takes us. In an era that believes having consummated human possibilities and where it has even been proposed to be asylum in reason as if it were a shelter that, after ascending, the individual is locked by throwing the stairs with serene and firm carefree. , clinging to the scattered remains of the great shipwreck of the presocratic culture, they constitute an inverse invitation or, if you want, a kind of temptation to escape from that high and go down to the hell of the real world. The work invites you to travel some of the most intricate and fascinating areas of the historical geography of the Logos, a matter that ordinary instrumental reason is not always able to more


Book: Artefactos y márgenes de la filosofía

ISBN: 9789871501663