Atisbos de una experiencia

Pintura chilena y vida moderna, 1880-1930

Atisbos de una experiencia - María Elena Muñoz - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Tapa Blanda

In this book by the academic of the Department of Theory of the Arts, María Elena Muñoz, we review in detail the Chilean paintings that represent a representation of modern life in Santiago and the experience of modernity in the capital during the 1880s - 1930. "Glimpses of an experience: Chilean painting and modern life 1880-1930" was born thanks to the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (Fondecyt) that at the end of 2012 will be awarded to prof. Muñoz to develop the project "Notes for a critical historiography: painting in Chile at the threshold of modernity" which includes, in addition to the publication, a colloquium.


Book: Atisbos de una experiencia

ISBN: 9789568415686